Waiting for Godzilla

Excerpts from Waiting for Godzilla, a miniature puppet opera for four toy theaters & 3 vocalists, @Noh Space Theater, SF CA, 2008, Composed, designed, performed by Randall Wong. Performed by Cecilia Engelhart, Kevin Baum, and Randall Wong.

The Household Opera

an opera for toy theater, composed, designed, directed by Randall Wong. Judith Nelson, Scott Whitaker, Randall Wong, singers, chamber orchestra conducted by Barbara Day Turner. Performance @ Z Space Studio Theater, 2001. Video by David Wilson, Museum of Jurassic Technology, LA, CA. A whimsically melancholic work after the Orpheus myth, performed by household objects.


Miniature opera for 4 toy theaters, performed by Dina Emerson & Randall Wong. Composed, designed, created by Randall Wong. Performance: Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, CA, 2007. Operatic version of Edwin Abbott's novel of geometry and multiple dimensions.