Live Recordings

Some of these live recordings are from the German radio and were curated

and posted with slide shows on YouTube by sfckbf.

(This is just a selection- several more recordings can be found on YouTube. I had no idea these recordings even existed until they were unearthed by sfckbf- many thanks!- And hey, no one is perfect!)



Johann Adolf Hasse: Olimpiade, 1756

In questo ferro...Gemo in un punto è fremo

Consola il genitore

Mentre dormi, amor fomenti

Quel destrier'


Franz Josef Haydn

Und Gott Sprach...Nun beut die Flur das frische Grün, Die Schöpfung, 1798


Meredith Monk, orchestrated Randall Wong

Memory Song


Meredith Monk

Gotham Lullaby


Randall Wong

Phantom Dances 

New Monster Trio  from Waiting for Godzilla  (instrumental)

Introduction to Flatland



















Commercial Recordings

Antonio Vivaldi

recit: Sorge Vermiglia In Ciel ... 

aria: Nasce il sole


Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide, 1731

Voi che adorate il vanto

Pupillette vezzosette


Stewart Wallace & Michael Korie:

Harvey Milk (1996)

"When I heard..."