Miniature opera for 4 toy theaters, performed by Dina Emerson & Randall Wong. Composed, designed, created by Randall Wong. Performance: Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, CA, 2007. Operatic version of Edwin Abbott's novel of geometry and multiple dimensions.


"Adapted from Edwin Abbott's celebrated 1884 geometric novel, FLATLAND is a miniature opera about the multiplicity of dimensions and the discovery of what exists beyond the seen.

Flatland is a two dimensional world peopled by geometric shapes -- points, lines, squares, and circles -- who learn that the universe consists of more than their single plane. In the tradition of the Victorian Toy Theater, the opera is staged upon a large tabletop, giving the effect of a performance viewed through the wrong end of a telescope. FLATLAND, composed and co-performed by esteemed male soprano Randall Wong, juxtaposes the grand and the microscopically absurd, and collides Victorian stagecraft and illusion with modern toys and technology."

 The Museum of Jurassic Technology